ZooTampa Debuts 'Music In The Wild' Events

Live Music And Food Highlight Afternoons At ZooTampa

Headed to ZooTampa over spring break? Good news then, as the park has added live music, food & drink specials, and extended hours from now until the end of break!

ZooTampa is dubbing the event "Music In The Wild", and 2021 is the first year guests will be able to enjoy the offerings.

Every day from 2-7 PM, live music can be found in multiple places throughout the park. ZooTampa has hired a diverse range of musicians; from rock bands to solo acoustic players to drum circles to DJs, there is something here for everyone.

A new mascot has also made its debut at the zoo. “Manny T,” the Florida manatee, will be greeting guests throughout the location.

In addition, the Zoo has opened a new food court and a new event space - so it may feel more populated than the last time some people visited.

The zoo has also welcomed several new animals recently, as a representative confirms: “We got a lot of new babies! We’ve got baby Gronk [a rhino] that just came out. We have a new baby orangutan that was just born, so a lot of new stuff happened in the zoo,” he said. “The shoebill [stork] habitat just opened up and we’re one of the only parks in North America to have a shoebill so that’s really cool!”

Looking to check out all the new stuff ZooTampa has to offer? Visit their website for tickets!

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