Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Backsplash Materials

Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Backsplash Materials

In 55% of new kitchens, ceramic or porcelain backsplashes are used. Both are durable, protective, and can look beautiful but they aren't your only options. If you want to give your kitchen a new look, consider using one of these backsplash materials instead.


You have a few options when it comes to the type of tile you choose, ceramic, glass, or natural stone. Tile is a popular choice because it's impermeable and does a great job of protecting the wall and it is also easy to keep clean. To know what type of tile you should use, you need to consider the style of your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet company can help you design a custom backsplash that matches the design of your kitchen. White ceramic tile can look great in both modern and retro-inspired kitchens. Natural stone in marble kitchens can give your space a luxurious feel. Glass tile can add a bright and funky feel, especially colored glass!


Instead of using glass tile, you could use a large sheet of tempered glass. This works great for adding protected lighting above your stove. It also allows you to use any wallpaper or paint you wish behind the glass. 

Chalkboard Paint 

A cheaper and more creative option is to paint your backsplash area with chalkboard paint. You can do this yourself as an easy DIY project. You can write notes, menu ideas, or create a shopping list that's easily seen. When you're ready for a clean slate, all you have to do is wipe it clean. The only downside is that the black paint may close your kitchen in and make the space feel a bit smaller.


If your kitchen is on the smaller side, then using a mirror as a backsplash can open up the space. They will reflect the light and make it bounce around the room. The more light, the more inviting the space feels. The surface of the mirror will be easy to clean, though it will end up taking more effort to keep clean as any little bit of grease or dirt will show. 


This material provides you with a fast and easy option but not the greatest amount of protection. You also need to think about how moisture will affect the wallpaper to stick and eventually cause it to peel. 

Stainless Steel 

Lining your backsplash with stainless steel will give it a modern feel and tie all of your stainless steel appliances together. It's ideal because it's durable, easy to clean, and resistant to high temperatures. Just be careful with acidic foods. The acid will ruin the finish if not immediately cleaned. 

Choose From These Backsplash Materials

Consider one of these backsplash materials for your kitchen. Think about the amount of cooking you do and the level of durability and protection you need. Some materials such as chalkboard paint or wallpaper you can apply yourself. Others, such as tile, marble, and stainless steel are best left to the professionals. 

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