Your June Home Checklist

To-Dos: Your June Home Checklist

Embrace the summer spirit ahead of time with our June home checklist. Get your home and garden ready for warm weather, create a convenient spot for drying beach towels, reorganize the kitchen for smoothie-making, and more. These 21 to-dos cover all the bases, ensuring you make the most of the season. Quick tasks you can complete in an hour or less:

  1. Plan your summer activities. Don't let summer pass by in a blur. Create a list of must-dos and display it prominently in your home, using a chalkboard or bulletin board.

  2. Regularly remove standing water. Mosquitoes thrive in standing water, so make it a habit to check your property regularly and empty any water containers. Don't leave any pot unturned!

  3. Set up a designated area for drying beach towels and swimsuits. Avoid the mess of wet towels and sand by designating a specific area, such as a covered porch or mudroom, with sturdy hooks for drying. Shake off the sand outdoors before washing.

  4. Organize summer essentials in a bowl or basket. Keep extra sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug repellent near the front door for easy access when you're in a hurry.

Weekend tasks to tackle:

  1. Install screen doors. Take down storm doors and replace them with screen doors to let in the summer breeze. Inspect screens for any holes and patch them to keep mosquitoes out.

  2. Check the safety of play equipment. Examine swings, zip lines, slides, and other outdoor structures for any signs of wear and tear. Repair or replace any unsafe components.

  3. Save energy with a clothesline. Take advantage of the warm weather and hang your clothes to dry outside. If not possible, wash in cold water, clean the lint trap, and service the dryer vent for better airflow.

  4. Rearrange your kitchen. As the seasons change, reevaluate your kitchen arrangement. Move small appliances you use more in the warmer months to easily accessible spots.

  5. Create a space for summer crafts. Dedicate an area for arts and crafts, providing screen-free entertainment and a creative outlet for both kids and adults.

  6. Organize and store school papers. Before diving into summer, sort through your children's school papers and artwork. Keep the most meaningful pieces and recycle the rest. Consider scanning artwork to create a digital keepsake.

  7. Ensure smooth operation of cooling systems. Dust ceiling fans, install window air-conditioning units, and schedule maintenance for your whole-house cooling system.

  8. Lighten up your decor. Roll up heavy rugs, switch to crisp and cooling bed linens, and introduce lighter accents for a fresh summer look. Consider keeping heavy window coverings closed during the hottest part of the day.

  9. Plant flowers that attract bees. Support pollinators by adding bee-friendly native plants to your garden for beautiful blooms in the fall. Consult a local nursery specializing in native plants for recommendations.

  10. Maintain your irrigation systems. Regularly check sprinklers and irrigation hoses to avoid damage to your lawn and garden.

  11. Declutter your garage or shed. Clear out space in your storage area to accommodate outdoor activities. Dispose of old paint cans responsibly and organize items into categories, such as garden tools, sports gear, and household tools.

  12. Prepare seasonal gear. Clean and inspect camping and beach equipment to ensure everything is in working order. Consider waterproofing items like tents or outdoor tablecloths.

Additional tasks and maintenance for the month:

  1. Refresh your bathroom. Give your bathroom a spa-like makeover by replacing worn-out shower curtain liners and bath towels. Use baskets or containers to organize toiletries.

  2. Update first-aid kits and emergency supplies. Stock up on essential supplies for minor incidents and emergencies at home and in your car. Refer to the American Red Cross checklist for guidance.

  3. Clean gutters and downspouts. If you didn't clean your gutters in spring, it's crucial to do it now to prevent leaks and damage during summer storms.

  4. Schedule outdoor projects. If you have major outdoor projects in mind, such as a new patio or deck replacement, don't delay in booking a landscape architect or contractor as their schedules fill up quickly.

  5. Catch up on home projects and maintenance. Take advantage of June to tackle any outstanding home maintenance tasks you've been meaning to address.

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