Why Coastal Homes are so Colorful

Why are Coastal Homes always so Colorful?

As you probably already know, coastal homes are always and have always been very bright and colorful. There is actual a reason for this that started early in history, it hasn't always been just for fun or for the aesthetic of the beach. 

Every town that is built right on the water was at one point a fishing town so when fishermen were out on the water, they were easily able to navigate back to where they needed to be by using the bright colors of the houses as a guide. 

Another reason why many Florida coastal towns are so colorfully painted is due to the warm climate Florida holds. The bright paint is useful in reflecting the heat from the sun which helps keep the interior of the home cooler.

The brightly painted buildings remained this way throughout the years to attract tourism and for anyone looking to snap a photo in a colorful beach town. Of course, as well as helping the fishermen too. So the next time you come across a colorful coastal town, you’ll understand that it’s both beautiful and meaningful!

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