Wesley Chapel-Tampa Rapid Transit System Has Three Potential Routes

Potential Routes have been selected for the 41-mile bus rapid transit system from Wesley Chapel to Tampa/St. Petersburg.

The TBRATAboard’s transit management committee met virtually to discuss moving forward with three potential routes for the rapid transit system. The system would provide express bus service to connect Wesley Chapel, Tampa, and St. Petersburg.

The next move for the board will be to select one of the three potential routes and begin to seek proper funding from regional and state partners. Below is a breakdown of costs and info for each of the three route options.


  • Alternative No. 1: $56 million to $71 million
  • Alternative No. 3: $351 million to $416 million
  • Alternative No. 5: $647 million to $742 million

 Daily ridership

  • Alternative No. 1: 3,700 to 4,000 riders, with 1,220 to 1,300 being new riders per day. That daily ridership is similar to what Orlando’s commuter rail SunRail experiences.
  • Alternative No. 3: 6,300 to 6,700 daily riders with 3,100 to 3,400 being new riders
  • Alternative No. 5: 7,300 to 7,600 daily riders with 3,800 to 4,100 being new riders

 Commute times during peak hours

  • Alternative No. 1: St. Pete to Tampa: 52 to 57 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 51 to 97 minutes
  • Alternative No. 3: St. Pete to Tampa: 47 to 51 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 39 to 78 minutes
  • Alternative No. 5: St. Pete to Tampa: 42 to 46 minutes; Wesley Chapel to Tampa: 39 to 78 minutes

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