Visit Central Florida's Kaleidoscope House

Brooklyn-based Artist Tom Fruin Creates Structures From Eco-Friendly Materials

Laureate Park at Lake Nona in Orlando is lucky enough to be home to one of Tom Fruin’s crowning achievements. Working with reclaimed materials and alternative energy, Tom Fruin is a Brooklyn-based artist who is driven to create art that is publicly accessible and sustainable. Launching his artistic talents in Copenhagen and then showcasing his masterpieces across Europe, Fruin brought his artistic inspiration back to the United States where he erected his largest installation to date, the Watertower series in Brooklyn.

Dubbed as the “Kaleidoscope Houses,” Fruin most commonly uses steel and wildly-colored plexiglass to create his large scale sculptures in hopes of bringing focus back to local landmarks and places of beauty that have become overlooked.

The spiritual stained glass is stunning to see whether you’re visiting during the daytime to witness the natural lights shine through, or whether you stop by at night to see it illuminated from the inside. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and stop by for some unforgettable photo ops! 


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