Underwater Walking Tour

Florida Aquariums new SeaTREK Underwater Walking Tour

SeaTrek, a new in water program at the Florida Aquarium was unveiled in front of Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and several children from Tampa Parks and Recreation. Through the Parks Department, kids will be invited back once a month for this remarkable aquatic experience. This underwater walking tour is open to all visitors while the experience is monthly for youth from the Tampa Parks and Rec Department. 

“We are so grateful to SeaTrek and the Florida Aquarium for affording Tampa Parks and Recreation this opportunity that we are even luckier to continue to share once a month with even more curious kids from our community,” wrote department heads on social media following the unveiling.

With SeaTrek, the Florida Aquarium is engaging underserved communities by helping to create a healthy bond between nature and water. An underwater walking tour designed for non-swimmers and guests ages 10+, SeaTREK is a helmet diving experience. 

Children will have the opportunity to experience the wonder and excitement of the ocean ecosystem through up-close encounters with marine life. The 20-minute, in-water experience opened to the public on Saturday, July 23.

The SeaTREK experience will take place in the Aquarium’s 100,000-gallon Heart of the Sea exhibit. It requires no swimming experience or specialized skills and allows guests to experience a diverse variety of colorful species.  

Those interested in booking a time for the SeaTrek adventure can do so on The Florida Aquarium’s website.

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