Transform your Backyard into a Staycation Resort

These adjustments can help you transform your backyard space into an oasis


Landscaping - Consider the style of resort you want to replicate. Trees, colorful flowers, and ornamental plants may give your backyard the appeal you are looking for. There's nothing quite like sitting outside and enjoying the scenery. 

Pergolas and Patios - Florida living can be hot! Adding a pergola or patio to your oudoor area allows a cooler place to hang out! There are various pergola and patio types so you can express your style through this living space. 

Lighting - great lighting sets the mood in any setting, but especially an outdoor area! Backlighting your garden can be a great way to highlight landscaping or string lights in the patio can add a resort style ambiance.

Outdoor Furniture - nothing says relaxing as much as a hammock or outdoor swing. These furniture pieces can add a relaxing energy to your outdoor space. Imagine laying back with a great book or drink while swinging in your private space. Depending on your style, you may be interested in beanbag chairs or wicker chairs.

Outdoor Cooking - an outdoor cooking area is great to keep the group or family together and is also a great space to entertain!   

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