Things to do in Fort Myers, FL

Here are the top rated attractions and things to do in Fort Myers, FL 

Fort Myers Pier

  1. Spend a day at Fort Myers Beach - Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island is a seven mile long strip with shallow, warm waters - perfect for walking, swimming, or spotting marine wildlife such as dolphins! The beach runs from Bowditch Point Park down to Lovers Key State Park but most of the action is centered around the pier and "Times Square". The area north of the pier is more serene while the area south of the pier is more lively. 
  2. Stroll through Times Square -  If you're needing a break from the beach, right behind the pier is the lively Times Square area. This area houses a multitude of restaurants, ice cream shops, beach and souvenir shops.
  3. Explore the Fort Myers River District/Downtown - Fort Myers has done an incredible job preserving it's historical downtown. This area is denoted by the red interlocking roadway and walking paths. Downtown is full of restaurants and antique boutiques. One of the iconic restaurants here is Ford's Garage, decorated to display vintage Ford vehicles and related items. 
  4. Tour the Edison Ford Winter Estates - just north of downtown Fort Myers is the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. These homes operate as a museum and is open to the public for tours. Guests can tour the waterfront, 21 acre property and see galleries full of vintage cars and electricity displays. There is also a beautiful botanical garden too! 
  5. Sunset Watch on the Pier - the Fort Myers pier extends out 560 feet unti the Gulf and is one of Florida's premier sunset spots. Locally the pier is known as the Pelican Pier since pelicans frequently perch there to keep a close eye on the fishers. The pier is free to walk on and has a covered viewing area at the end. During the day you can people watch from the pier, but in the evening the real views are the stunning sunsets! 
  6. Visit Lovers Key State Park - this state park has one of the finest stretches of beach in the Fort Myers area. Lovers Key State Park is a popular spot to canoe, kayak or paddleboard due to its protected inland waterways. If you have four legged friends they can join since there is a dog beach at the south end of the park. Parking is plenty and the cost is included with daily admission. 
  7. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve - the 3,500 acre Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is a haven for wildlife and is one of Fort Myer's best birding locations. You'll likely see wading birds such as ibis, snowy egrets, blue herons and even roseate spoonbills. There's a looping 1.4 mile long boardwalk that takes you through a variety of flora including red maple, wood ferns and cypress trees. This is a nature lovers paradise! 

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