The world’s largest triceratops is now in Tampa

The world’s largest triceratops is now in Tampa at the Glazer Children’s Museum!

Experience the arrival of Tampa's latest attraction as the colossal triceratops, Big John, takes center stage. Encounter the awe-inspiring presence of Big John, the World's Largest Triceratops, in an interactive and playful exhibition now accessible at the Glazer Children's Museum, nestled in downtown Tampa. The intriguing question arises: would Big John and the 21-foot Phoebe the Flamingo be compatible companions?

Unearthed from the Hell Creek geological formation in South Dakota, Big John stretches an impressive length of nearly 26 feet and towers at a height of 10 feet. This magnificent creature once roamed the Earth during the Late Cretaceous period, over 66 million years ago, surpassing all other known triceratops in size by approximately 5-10%. Big John's massive frame, comparable to that of an RV, has earned him the prestigious title of holding the Guinness World Record for the largest documented triceratops skeleton. To accommodate this monumental addition, the Glazer Children's Museum will expand its public space by dedicating the third floor to Big John, alongside a brand-new education center designed for dinosaur-themed camps and field trips. The Big John exhibition opens its doors to the public on May 26th at the Glazer Children's Museum, and admission to the exhibit is included with museum entry. To ensure a comfortable experience for all visitors, timed reservations will be implemented, minimizing overcrowding during encounters with Big John.

For the first time in its history, the Glazer Children's Museum extends a warm invitation to guests of all ages, whether with or without children, ensuring that everyone can partake in this colossal adventure. A comprehensive preview of the exhibition can be found on the Glazer Children's Museum website.

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