The Florida State Fair is Returning

The Florida State Fair is returning with Cuban funnel cake sandwiches, and of course their amazing rides.

The Florida State fair is always a big thing every year and even Hillsborough schools give students a day off with a free ticket to go to it. This year the fair has a wide variety of extravagant foods. Like street corn sundaes, of course, a bunch of fried food/desserts, and the Cuban funnel cake sandwiches.

Not only do they always have extreme foods but they also have a bunch of stuff for entertainment. Like pig racing and performing otters, but that's definitely not it they have so many acts that will be taking place, and they're not just animal ones. There's fire guy, Extreme illusions & Escapes, and Demolition Derby. Those are only a couple of the things the State fair is offering!

Florida State fair will be open daily from February 9-20th. Monday - Thursday the gates will open at 11 AM. and Friday- Sunday the gates will open at 10 AM. Entry to the Fairgrounds will not be permitted after 9 pm. The Fair buildings will close at 9 pm. But the outdoor concessions and the Midway will remain open after 9 pm. Closing time will vary on the attendance and the weather conditions. 

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