The Florida Aquarium offers Underwater Tours

The Florida Aquarium offers SeaTREK Underwater Diving Tours

Discover an extraordinary adventure awaiting you at the captivating Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Alongside its role as an invaluable educational resource and a center for research and conservation, the aquarium offers an exhilarating experience: the SeaTREK underwater walking tours. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the depths of the sea.

This is not a mere illusion; you can actually embark on a 20-minute underwater walking expedition within the Aquarium's magnificent Heart of the Sea exhibit, a breathtaking 100,000-gallon wonder. No swimming experience or specialized skills are required, making it accessible to guests of all ages. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine world and witness a mesmerizing array of colorful species.

I must warn you, though: leaving was the hardest part for me, and I am already planning my next tour. Geared towards individuals aged 10 and above who may not be certified divers, the SeaTREK experience unfolds in the depths of the 15-foot Heart of the Sea habitat. Here, participants can explore coral caves while accompanied by the company of countless fish, graceful spotted eagle rays, bonnethead sharks, and even a majestic loggerhead sea turtle. This extraordinary opportunity allows people from all walks of life, regardless of their comfort level with water, to delve into the wonders of the aquatic realm. During my visit, I was captivated as Sheldon the Sea Turtle curiously observed visitors with his enchanting gaze.

Rest assured, the highly skilled diving team accompanying you on the underwater walking tour will not only ensure your safety but also impart the fascinating skill of creating captivating bubble rings.

To make the most of this remarkable experience, remember to bring your swimsuit, towel, and shower items. The necessary underwater gear, including a wetsuit, will be provided for you. Convenient locker rooms equipped with showers are available before and after your program, allowing you to freshen up. Lockers are also at your disposal to securely store your personal belongings.

Eager to embark on this extraordinary journey? Reserve your SeaTREK time conveniently online. The best part is that admission to the aquarium is included in your SeaTREK ticket. So dive into the tank of wonders and after your tour, explore the entire aquarium with your friends and family, creating unforgettable memories together.

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