The Dali Museum Celebrates its Building's 10th Anniversary

The Dali Museum Celebrates its Building's 10th Anniversary

If you've ever visited the Dali Museum in Downtown St. Petersburg, you've no doubt been impressed by the architectural wonder that is its building. What you might not know is that the Dali was not always at this location- originally a small collection in Ohio, the eclectic selection of Dali works opened in its current location in 2011 and has been a hotspot for art fans and tourists alike.

Now in its tenth year, the Dali is gearing up for an impressive rotation of exhibits, including the new and exciting augmented-reality inspired Van Gogh Alive, featuring works from the prolific painter on larger-than-life screens to immerse the viewer completely.

In reflection of the past decade and on the breathtaking grounds the Dali calls home, their team had this to say:

“In creating the building and gardens, we hoped to make a place of learning and enjoyment — a place that would amplify the meaning of Dalí’s work while making it accessible,” The Dali Museum team noted in a release. “Lastly, we hoped to inspire and give room for the imagination to wander. In short, we set out to make a physical metaphor in concrete, glass and living plants for Dalí’s art.”

If you're looking to visit the Dali this year, please note that advance ticket purchase is required to ensure admission.

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