Tampa's Esports Players Club is Now Open

Tampa's Esports Players Club is Now Open

The Esports Players Club is Tampa’s first gaming academy and tournament facility that has just opened up! Gamer pros and newbees can now enjoy a brand new hub for all things gaming related. 

The club started by co founder Alex Matzkin. Esports will act as a hub for those wanting to build their skills in gaming to compete, take classes on specific games, learn content creation, perfect video editing and be immersed in the Tampa gaming scene.

In addition to educational and immersive opportunities, the club will also be offering tournament spaces for those interested in competing or viewing, game release parties, charity drives and more.

1802 W Kennedy Dr., is a 5,000 square foot facility featuring a virtual reality zone and a “Squad Up” area dedicated to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch console enthusiasts. Also on scene are two large classrooms complete with 20 Alienware Aurora R12s with SteelSeries headsets, 144Hz LG Ultragear Monitors and Corsair mice and keyboard setups.

The club will operate on a membership basis and focus on class based skill development, offering members a safe, constructive space to explore the world of gaming and digital creation. Members will be offered monthly and annual membership deals as well as monthly classes or unlimited facility access.

Alex Matzkin saw a lack of community for gamers in the Tampa Bay area, something he wanted to fill with a safe space for beginning gamers to practice their skills and sportsmanship in one interactive environment, leading to the birth of Esports Players Club.

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