Tampa Named One Of The Top 10 Cities To Move To By Redfin

Tampa is considered one of the most attractive cities that people are moving to

Redfin's list of cities where users were looking to move based on data from October and November places Tampa at number 8. The latest migration analysis is based on a sample of more than 1 million Redfin.com users and in order the be included, the user must have viewed at least 10 homes in a particular metro area and homes in that area must make up at least 80% of the user's searches.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the world as we knew it, most people are realizing they can get more space for their money outside of the city. A lot of people are taking advantage of their newfound freedom to work from home and purchasing bigger homes with more outdoor space further from the city. People are also looking for homes that can offer room for home offices. 

According to the Redfin data, Tampa had 4,105 more users looking to move into the city than looking to leave. Tampa also captures 57.4% of Redfin users searching from outside the metro. Redfin found the heaviest influx of searches coming from Orlando and New York.

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