Tampa named Hottest Housing Market of 2022 by Zillow

A recent Zillow analysis states Tampa will have the hottest housing market in the U.S. in 2022!

Zillow® has done an analysis on the housing market for 2022 and buckle up Tampa, this is our year. In 2022, Tampa is expected to jump from the 4th fastest home growth value city to THE fastest growth in the nation. 

Overall, the housing market will be hot around the country in 2022 but Zillow is predicting Tampa to be the hottest! Tampa is rated highest on the list due to strong forecasted home value growth, the rapidly growing job market, fast-moving inventory and demographics. Just behind Tampa on the list is Jacksonville, Raleigh, San Antonio and Charlotte. "Home buyers are attracted to markets in the Sun Belt that offer relative affordability, fast-growing economies and weather that allows them to enjoy the outdoors year-round," says Zillow economist Alexandra Lee. "Across the board, sellers will remain in the driver's seat, but especially so in the hottest markets. Buyers should be ready for strong competition for homes, which means bidding wars and homes flying off the market only days after they are listed."

New York, Milwaukee and San Francisco are expected to have the coolest markets but sellers will still have the upper hand. Check out more information on Zillow's analysis here. 

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