Tampa is one of the Top 5 College Cities in the Nation

Tampa is rated one of the Top 5 College Cities in the Nation!

WalletHub’s annual list of the best college towns and cities has Tampa among the best in the nation! WalletHub compared more than 400 cities on 32 key indicators of academic, social, and economic opportunities for students. Based on those factors, Tampa placed number 5 for 2023’s best college towns and cities in America and number 2 among large-size cities.

As far as unemployment rates, social environments, and quality of education are concerned, Tampa ranked highly. 

In terms of academic success and personal development, experts believe that a school's geographical location is just as important as its curriculum and environment.

Considering these factors, students should look for cities that have a reasonable cost of living and provide good academic and employment opportunities. The report noted that student living expenses could reach over $30,000 for 12 months.

Largest Colleges and Universities in Tampa Bay

College Name Fall 2021 Enrollment Undergraduate Enrollment Graduate Enrollment Public/Private
University of South Florida 49,867 36,854 11,156 Public
Hillsborough Community College 27,899 26,508 0 Public
St. Petersburg College 26,441 26,441 0 Public
State College of Florida Manatee- Sarasota 22,000 11,000 0 Public
The University of Tampa 10,794 9,838 956 Private

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