Tampa Bay Home Values Are On The Rise!

New Zillow Report Shows Growth In Several Categories

As anyone paying attention to the real estate trends of late can tell you, things have been on fire in the Tampa Bay area! With low interest rates and even lower inventory, homes have been practically flying off the market.

This past Tuesday, Zillow released a comprehensive report that details average home values in Tampa this April are up a whopping 16% (about $271,353) since April of last year!

As far as how this compares to the rest of the United States, Tampa has experienced the eighth largest spike in the entire country. Furthermore, this statistic exceeds the national average home value increase of 11.6%!

Zillow has also stated homes in the Tampa area have been staying on market for an average of just five days - no doubt, this is a highly opportune time to sell your home if you have been considering it.

And as if that wasn't enough - over 19% of Tampa Bay homes sold have sold above their original list price (compared to 8% last year).

If you're looking to take advantage of these unique conditions, now is the time. But don't fret too much - Zillow hypothesizes that Tampa Bay home values will continue to climb over the next year by about 13.5%.

Undoubtedly, the 813 is on the rise - and there are no signs of these trends slowing down any time soon.

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