Sun N Fun Returns To Lakeland

Popular Air Show and Convention Is Back In Central FL

The popular air show / expo "Sun N Fun" returns this year to Lakeland after a cancellation and postponement during the height of the pandemic.

Lasting six days (April 13-18), the event will feature stellar air shows, workshops, forums, and exhibits all centered around the scientific wonder of aerospace. 

One of the returning highlights of Sun N Fun is the ever-popular air show / feats performed by The Blue Angels - celebrating their 75th anniversary, the group is previewing new F-18 Super Hornets and of course bringing back the fan favorite Fat Albert C-130J.

Unfortunately, Sun N Fun experienced financial hardship due to an inability to host the event this past year - but says fundraisers and this new event will help them get back on their feet.

Taking place at Lakeland Linder Airport, you can come see the wonders of aerospace by purchasing a ticket here.

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