St. Pete Pier is having the biggest Firework Show

St. Pete Pier will be holding the biggest Friework Show at 12 A.M. for New Years Eve!

If you are still trying to figure out what to do for new years and dont feel like spending the money on fire works, or staying home. You can head to the St. Pete Pier and enjoy the biggest firework show at midnight. If your an early turn in kid of person their will be an early fire work show at 8 P.M.. They will also be opening everything starting at 3 P.M. witch this is all free to attend. 

Even though we are in Florida if your craving the winter feel, the Winter Beach Ice Skating Rink will be avalible to you. There are plenty of activitys for the kiddos and their will also be a live DJ playing on the mainstage along with a giant disco ball! You dont have to stop and get food on the way there or on your way home, their will be local food truck vendor's for you to eat at along side a full champagne bar.

You dont have to be on the pier to experience the show, you will be able to enjoy the fireworks from all of Downtown St. Pete's Waterfront parks. All of these activities are located at Spa Beach Park on the St. Petersburg Pier located at 800 2nd Ave. NE, St. Petersburg.

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