St Pete Named Most Dog-Friendly City in The US

Study Finds The Bay Area Best In The Nation For Having  a Dog

Dog Walking

According to a study conducted by Smart Asset, a financial advising firm, the best place for man’s best friend is none other than The Sunshine City. Researchers looked at factors such as the number of dog parks, veterinary offices, and dog-friendly restaurants in a given area as well as key factors like walkability and the average annual precipitation. When you crunch the numbers, St Pete ranks top dog with the city offering:

  • 134 dog-friendly restaurants
  • 84.5 vet offices and pet stores for every 10,000 establishments
  • 2.3 dog parks for every 100,000 residents 
  • 18 dog-friendly shopping centers

Unsurprisingly, Tampa has also been determined as one of the best places for pups in the US, sitting as the third most dog-friendly city! According to the study, Tampa is home to a whopping:

  • 242 dog-friendly restaurants
  • 62.5 pet stores and vet offices per 10,000 establishments
  • 4.9 dog parks per 100,000 residents
  • 4 dog-friendly shopping centers

In short, the Bay Area offers plenty of fun places and helpful resources for your pooch!

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