Sarasota's Extraordinary 3D Chalk Festival returns this October

The Chalk Festival presents the most incredible 3D pavement paintings in one place

chalk art

The first International Street Painting Festival is returning to Florida and will be at Venice Airport October 28th through October 31st. This years theme is "A Spirited Museum in Motion" and artists will create beautiful street art reflecting the spooky theme. Perfect for Halloween time! Spectators are welcome to watch artists work on their oversized street creations and are able to watch the art come to life! 

In 2010, this gathering became the first International Pavement Art Festival. Artists gather from all around the country and the world to attend! Artists create stunning illusions and even invite visitors to engage with the art for photo opportunities. Another cool aspect of the festival is the organization encourages anyone, at any skill level, to sign up as an artist and work alongside professionals. 

There will also be a huge pumpkin carving contest with all ages and skill sets welcomed! To enter you must purchase a pumpkin at the gift shop, fill out a contestant entry form and sign a waiver. Pumpkins will be judged daily at 4pm. Tools are provided and no outside tools can be used for carving the pumpkins. 

For more information check out the festival's website. 

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