Raymond James and Tampa Bucs Add 3,600 New Seats

The Buccanneers Introduce New Area Called "The Krewe's Nest"

Raymond James Stadium and the Buccaneers are expanding seating options adding 3,600 new seats in the south endzone in a new area called “The Krewe’s Nest”. This development would upgrade the capacity to hold 70,000 fans, further cementing Ray Jay as one of the biggest stadiums in the nation!

The expansion was announced amid an exponential increase in demand for season passes following the Bucs’ Super Bowl win, and an exceptional 2021 season. Krewe’s Nest Members will receive additional perks as well, getting discounted parking for home games, specials on concessions and merchandise, an invitation to the 2022 training camp, and priority for 2022 Playoff tickets.

With the upcoming 2022 season slated to have a bevy of home games for the Buccaneers, the greater stadium capacity will mean that more fans than ever will have the opportunity to witness their Tampa Bay Bucs up close and personal.

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