Pop-Up Dog Park

Pop-Up Dog Park Coming to Sparkman Wharf!

It is no secret that Tampa is a highly dog-friendly city, and a pop-up dog park is on the way right outside Sparkman Wharf. Although the Barking Lot's debut date is still TBA, it promises to give dog owners in downtown Tampa a fun and safe place to let their pups run around.

There is currently a fence up around the area that will serve as a new lounge and hangout spot for dog owners. A giant “coming soon” banner currently greets passersby on the Streetcar and those using bikes and scooters in the city. The debut will complement a slew of new additions to Sparkman Wharf.

Ferrel Alvarez's Lunch Lady is among these new additions, a gourmet sandwich shop serving the best-shredded beef sandwiches around. That sandwich shop is situated right next door to his other Sparkman restaurant Dang Dude

A chef with experience inside Michelin-starred restaurants also made the move to Tampa and opened a high-end hot dog shop at Sparkman. JoDog’s kimchi dog is one of the best things I’ve eaten in 2022.

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