New St. Pete Legislation Will Allow Residents To Grow & Sell Produce

New laws allow St. Pete residents to grow and sell produce on their property

New amendments to the land regulations in St. Petersburg will allow city residents to grow fruits and vegetables on their land and sell them to the general public. The legislation is aimed at addressing food insecurity among areas labeled "food deserts" where residents do not have access to affordable, healthy food.

“5:00pm today will be the 2nd Public Hearing regarding LDR 2020-05 Urban Agriculture Related Amendments!” wrote St. Pete Council District Representative Brandi Gabbard in a Facebook post. “I am proud to have sponsored this LDR change and am very excited for this vote to finally take place. It is time to make real change in food access in our city.”

In addition, restrictions that prevented produce farmers from making a profit on their sales have been lifted.

Looking to start a co-op or on-site farm at your home? Looks like St. Petersburg is the way to go for those of you with a green thumb!

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