New Show Centered Around Tampa Now Streaming

Tampa-Centric Series Streaming on Amazon Prime

Although Florida and especially Tampa and the surrounding areas have long been favorites for filmmakers looking to capture a slice of what makes our area so special - there has not yet been a series that focuses mainly on the Bay area itself.

That's all about to change thanks to Tampa's marketing-tourism agency Visit Florida. In conjunction with neighboring agencies Visit Clearwater and Visit St. Pete, Visit Florida has released an eight-episode series on numerous high profile streaming platforms designed to attract tourism to the Tampa region.

Entertainment website IMDB describes the series "Life's Rewards" as follows: "an ambitious young executive finds his career and life in turmoil after losing his wealth in a series of high-risk deals. Stranded in paradise, he's humbled by a hotel's employees forcing him to reevaluate what really defines life.”

Spanning a number of indoor and outdoor locations across the Tampa area, the series also promises to highlight St. Pete landmark the Don Cesar hotel - the pink palace residents and beachgoers know so well.

Looking to catch a glimpse of famous Tampa spots in the new series? Click here to stream it now!

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