Natural Springs to Visit in the Tampa Area

Clear and crisp natural springs to explore in the Tampa Area! 

natural spring

Weeki Wachee - a beautiful escape from reality, only 56 minutes from Tampa! Visitors can bask in the beautiful blues and greens of the natural spring and can explore the freshwater cave system. Weeki Wachee is also a hot kayaking spot! 

Rainbow Springs - home to a variety of natural wonders, this is one of the best tubing spots near Tampa!  Rainbow Springs offers a gigantic swimming area with white sand and limestone, amazing hiking trails, and campin grounds. There is plenty of wildlife at Rainbow Springs so this is the perfect adventure for those looking to experience nature. It's history spans back centuries and native Floridians regularly visited these sapphire waters because they believed it held magical healing powers. 

Three Sisters Springs - Three Sisters Springs are actually a part of Crystal River and is one of the best kayaking spots near Tampa. They hold a Florida Manatee Festival where you can swim with these magnificient creatures! The festival typically takes place in January since this is when manatees migrate from rivers to springs to stay warm during the winter months. 

Kelly Park/Rock Springs - This is one of the cooler springs, literally. Averaging a chilly 68 degrees, this spring is perfect for the hot summer days of Florida. Kelly Park is the name of the nature park that offers over 7 miles of hiking trails and Rock Springs is the name of the swimmable spring in Kelly Park. Tubers can float through the mangroves and admire fish and wildlife, while campers can enjoy the grounds. 

Devil's Den - Located just north of Ocala, Devil's Den is one of Florida's prehistoric springs, perfect for snorkelers and divers! Guests descend a wooden staircase into a cavern with gorgeous aqua waters. Devin's Den also offers cabins, RV parking, heated swimming pool, charcoal grills, nature trails, and lawn games. 

Springs are a beautiful expression of nature where you can enjoy various water activities such as swimming, kayaking, tubing, paddleboarding or snorkeling. Enjoy adventuring these highly rated springs near Tampa! 

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