Local Halloween Light Show Returns For Charity

Synchronized Halloween Light Show Has Raised Over $5,000 For Clothes For Kids

If you live in South Tampa, you may be familiar with Sylvan Ramble Lights: a home in the area that hosts annual light displays for Christmas and Halloween synchronized to themed music.

The popular light show has expanded over the years- originally using regular string Christmas lights, the show now utilizes over 200 thousand individually controllable lights! This edition of the Halloween show also includes animatronics and smoke effects.

Perhaps the best part of the shows, however, is their donations to charity: Sylvan Ramble Lights host a fundraiser during each of their events, and this year they have thus far donated over $5,000 to Clothes For Kids.

Due to COVID-19, attendance is capped at 50 people and reservations are required through the show's website. Be sure to check out some amazing local entertainment for a good cause! 

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