Kahwa Coffee Giving Away A Year of Free Coffee

Tampa Bay Coffee Company Holding Raffle To Celebrate 15 Years

Good news for Tampa coffee fans: iconic local roaster Kahwa Coffee is celebrating their 15th anniversary, and are passing on their joy to customers via a raffle to win free coffee for a year!

With about 15 locations throughout Tampa Bay, raffle contestants can select their favorite and will receive one free coffee per day if they win!

If you've never been to Kahwa before, you might not know that they also offer a variety of baked goods (including some vegan options), and have several unique locations. Some of these include: a coffee food truck, a shop at International Mall, a location in Epcot, and a location at the shipping container complex in Wesley Chapel.

Fans might also remember the drive-through location in St. Petersburg - however, this location is being closed as its parking lot gets converted for a new Whole Foods.

If you'd like to enter Kahwa's raffle, click here. Participants will also receive a 15% discount coupon to Kahwa's online shop! This is one deal you do not want to miss!

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