Homeowner's Journal 101

Have you started your Homeowners Journal? 

Becoming a homeowner means you no longer have to rely on a landlord to take care of your maintenance issues. The responsibility now lies on you so it would be in your best favor to try and step ahead of the tasks associated with maintaining your home's condition and value.

Keeping track of warranties and manuals for your home's systems and appliances will be much easier when you keep a homeowner's journal. Get a notebook, binder, or file drawer for your home-based collected receipts and manuals.

There are many different things to gather and collect that will increase the efficiency of managing your home. Ownership information, such as the title to the property, appraisals, inspection reports, home warranty plans, homeowner’s insurance, and mortgage documents, should all have a place in your homeowner's journal.

Including the dates and contact info for all maintenance and renovation professionals who have performed any work around your home. A list of renovations and purchase dates along with descriptions and even samples or pictures of finalized work.

If you organize your homeowner's journal by season or by category, you can easily gather a schedule of maintenance tasks. Record projected end-of-useful-life dates for major appliances and components.

Homeownership will run more smoothly with fewer maintenance surprises with a working journal. Having a journal also helps assure a future buyer that you have taken good care of your home. It will also be very useful if you consider refinancing your home.

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