Homebuyers Are Still More Active Than Usual

Homebuyers Are Still More Active Than Usual

While the housing market might not be as frenzied as it was in recent years, it certainly isn't at a standstill. Buyer traffic remains strong, as indicated by the ShowingTime Showing Index, which measures home tours by buyers. Looking at past data, we can see that real estate typically follows a seasonal pattern, with buyer activity peaking in the first half of the year during the spring homebuying season and slowing towards the year's end.

The pandemic disrupted this trend in 2020, leading to what some refer to as the 'unicorn' years in housing, with record-low mortgage rates and soaring buyer demand. While current data shows traffic is down compared to those peak years, it's not a steep drop; instead, it's a gradual return to more normal seasonality.

Buyers are still actively touring homes, even more so than in May 2022, and certainly more than in the last pre-pandemic years. The market remains strong, and it could be even stronger if not for the limited supply of available homes for sale. The demand for homes persists due to the shortage in the housing market.

The bottom line is that the market is still active today, so if you're considering selling your house, don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with eager buyers. Reach out to a real estate agent to start the process and get your property in front of those looking to make a purchase right now.

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