Florida's First Listening Bar Coming To St. Pete

This Bar Will Have A Focus On Music And Refreshments

Good news for music lovers: Florida's first listening bar "In Between Days" is coming to St. Petersburg this summer.

Listening bars are a trend that originated in Tokyo wherein a bar boasts a unique sound system, and plays its music in vinyl record format. In Between Days is no exception, and promises to host a massive selection of records.

The concept of listening bars has been gaining traction in big citys like New York and Los Angeles, and this opening in our state goes to show how quickly Florida is becoming a hotspot for culture, or more so than it already was.

In Between Days has also announced they will host listening parties for newly released music in the future. But the music is not the only focus here - the bar will also be serving up craft sake, cocktails, small plates, and more!

You can keep up with the bar on their website by clicking here.

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