Eat, Drink & Be Merry This Holiday Season!

New Christmas Pop-Up Comes To Dunedin!

This year, “Sippin’ Santa” will be making its first appearance at the Honu in Dunedin! A perfect location for this pop-up bar- Sippin’ Santa is a tropical, tiki, holiday mash-up with incredibly creative and delicious cocktails. For those who love getting into the holiday spirit in a unique, Floridian way, this will be a great place for you to check out! The pop-up will be making appearances Wednesday through Sunday until New Year’s- you don’t want to miss this!

For more information on what kind of cocktails and merchandise will be available, visit their website at

Intermezzo’s “Miracle at Mezzo” is back and in full effect in the heart of St. Petersburg! This coffee and oyster bar transforms into a wintery wonderland in paradise each day, after 5pm, until New Year’s Eve. Fit for those who love a bit of tradition with a twist, this pop-up will be decked out with kitschy decor, holiday music, and beautifully crafted cocktails to sip on while spreading holiday cheer with your pals. Their holiday merchandise is already selling out fast- treat yourself to a dinosaur mug with a santa hat this season, you deserve it!

To get a glimpse into their festive concoctions, visit their instagram (@miracleatmezzo) for more details.

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