Easy to Care for House Plant Guide

These easy to care for plants are perfect for your home 


If you have wanted to have a plant collection but don't know where to start check out these relatively easy plants to care for. 

  • Monstera Deliciosa - also known as the "swiss cheese plant", this is a very popular plant! With large, glossy, heart shaped leaves the Monstera is unque from other plants. Monstera's prefer warm conditions, a humid environment and moderate watering. 
  • Peace Lily - This plant is popular because of it's remarkable abilities to purify air and their beautiful blooms. They thrive in warm indoor temperatures, humid conditions, and a spot with partial shade. Peace Lily's show they need water when they droop/bend. Keep the soil moist by watering once/twice a week.
  • Kentia Palm - this adorable, ornamental plant is adaptable to indoor conditions. This palm does well in low to moderate sunlight and needs to be watered when the soil dries out (one inch deep). Occasional misting is beneficial to the Kentia Palm.
  • Zanzibar Gem - the ideal low maintenance houseplant! This plant is perfect for beginner gardeners. Also known as a ZZ plant, this plant will store water in it's rhizomes for later use so if you forget to water once it will survive! They prefer medium indirect light. 
  • Aloe - grown by people indoors and outdoors for thousands of years, this plant is well known for it's medicinal uses. Aloe prefers a bright, sunny spots but do not like direct sunlight. They thrive in dry conditions so these can be somewhat neglected when watering. 
  • Sweetheart Hoya - this low maintenance indoor succulent has green heart shaped leaves and blooms sporadically with clusters of white and burgundy flowers. The Sweetheart Hoya benefits from bright and indirect light and infrequent watering. Water once or twice a month when the soil is completely dried out. 

With any plant you purchase, be sure to research the full care needed. These plants listed above are relatively simple to maintain and add a nice pop of color to your home! 

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