Dart World - Indoor Nerf Arena

Dart World, an Indoor Nerf Arena opening soon in Lakeland!

Dart World Gaming Arena may be the next new and biggest thing for the entire family in the Tampa Bay region!

Dart World Gaming is the first indoor arena for Nerf battles and races in all of Florida. They have 2 large arenas for children and adults to come in and battle against everybody in an open arena setting. Guests can choose from four different nerf toys, an array of Nerf products are also available for purchase in the gift shop.

This business is a dream come true for the owner Luis Lopez and his family. The Nerf arena offers a safe, cushioned space to unwind, run around and express your emotions. It’s not a space for full fledged competition but rather a place for kids and adults to enjoy themselves.

You can even enjoy some time with the Oculus can select from a variety of titles, including the immensely popular Beat Saber, Carve Snowboarding, Darth Vader Immortal, and Epic Roller Coasters. 

They also offer party packages and private group events, too. Guests can also enjoy Virtual Reality gaming with the Oculus Quest 2. 

DartWorld is located in Lakeland at 201 E Main Street. Admission prices begin at $8, and can go up to $18 depending on what package you select. 

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