City of Clearwater Launches Business Incentive Program

City Offers Initiatives To Revitalize Downtown

Although they remain in the headlines year round for the picturesque beaches many of us know & love, the city of Clearwater wants to draw more attention to their up-and-coming downtown area.

In their efforts, the city is opening up an all-new grant program for business owners looking to stake their claim in the beautiful city. The grant program entails a 50-50 match for property owners, meaning free money from the city to help enterprising businesspeople!

Alongside the new grant program, the city is in the process of implementing their revitalization program entitled "Imagine Clearwater", a program in the neighborhood of $60 million that seeks to connect the waterfront to downtown. The program is a work in progress, but much of the incorporation will involve creating new city parks for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

If you're a business owner looking to receive more information on these generous grants, contact the Clearwater Mayor's Office by clicking here.

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