Best Colors to use in your Home

Best and Worse Colors to use if you're Selling your Home!

The interior paint colors you choose can affect your home's value and buyers' initial interest in it. The right paint colors could put money in your pocket. 

New paint is a fast and relatively affordable way to make your home look newer, cleaner, and better maintained. Dirty or scuffed paint on the walls or trim may hurt your home’s resale value. But it’s not just the condition of the paint on your walls that affects your home value.A fresh coat of paint in the right color may make your home more appealing to buyers. If you have recently repainted and your painted surfaces are in pristine condition, but your color choices are unusual, you should consider repainting before selling. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best paint colors for selling your house!

What colors should I avoid?

To get the highest price, stay away from extreme or bright colors. Creativity and courage in color choices are typically not rewarded by the market, unfortunately. When choosing the best paint colors for selling a house, a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine their furniture and decor in your house. Bright, eccentric colors may be fun, but having them appear in your listing photos may turn off some buyers and possibly limit the pool of buyers interested in your home. (Bright pink, bright green, and bright purple are also no-nos.)


Mint green is a hot design trend but​​​ got an icy reaction from prospective buyers earlier this year. NO Mint Green Kitchens please! 

Bright green or Pink is actually is stated to repel sellers. Buyers tend to stay away from vibrant colors in a bathroom or kitchen and prefer more neutral and calming hues in the room where they will be relaxing and entertaining.

Fire engine red, bright yellow, and pink. Home buyers said they’re less likely to tour or buy a house with bathrooms painted these hues.

Blue walls here only lowered a home price but bright blue was the most polarizing color tested. Some prospective homeowners loved it, others loathed it. Homebuyers surveyed also noticed when any room in a house clashed with the rest of the home, suggesting that home sellers should pick wall colors that complement the other rooms in the home.

What colors should I go with?

Generally, you should choose light, neutral colors for your home’s interior.

Light Blue Bathrooms, Home buyers love blue bathrooms! They reported they’d pay 1.6% more for a bathroom with light blue walls.

White Kitchens, Potential home buyers said they were much more likely to buy a home with white walls in the kitchen.

Gray walls in this room made potential home buyers more likely to tour and buy a home. Those quiet, neutral hues allowed home buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. And if they can see themselves in a home, they may be more likely to buy a home.

Think blue for bedrooms. A deep, restful shade of blue in this room dedicated to sleep made potential home buyers so happy they said they’d pay $1,491 more for it. It’s a smart choice too — research has shown that blue bedrooms walls help one sleep longer and better.

Light blue, bright blue, forest green, light gray, and white. Home buyers paid a little more for homes with bedrooms in these hues.

Finishes matter as well as color

Once you’ve chosen the right paint hues, pay attention to the paint finish you choose. Matte (or flat) finish paint does an excellent job of hiding imperfections in walls like the dings, scuffs and waves that are normal in any house that’s not brand new. Walls painted in a matte finish look smooth and new. 

For ceilings, use a flat white paint to hide imperfections and reflect light, making the room look bigger and brighter.

A satin finish paint is great for trim, molding, and door jambs. That shiny paint will make the room look more modern and clean. But eggshell or satin finish paints tend to have a different effect on walls, highlighting every flaw and making them look older and more worn.

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