All-New Grove Theater Now Open in Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel's New "One-Stop-Shop" Entertainment Center Now Open in old Cobb Theater

If you're a Wesley Chapel or New Tampa resident, no doubt you have been wondering what sort of changes the former Cobb Theatre at the Grove has been undergoing since its closure last year. If so, good news: developer Mark Gold (current owner of the Grove shopping center) has put an incredible amount of effort into revamping the once less-than-glamorous movie theater. Open now, Gold has aptly titled the new entertainment center "The Grove Theater, Bistro & Entertainment" and residents are itching to get their hands on tickets.

If you've been keeping up with developments in the Wesley Chapel / New Tampa area, you may be familiar with another ambitious project of Gold's: the shipping container shopping plaza under construction meant to rival the offerings of Sparkman Wharf downtown. It's no surprise that Gold has brought this same sense of grandeur to the all new theater: featuring 12 new-release theaters, brand new VIP sections, reclining theater seats, a fully revamped arcade section, a children-only area for parents on date night, a "spin theater" featuring exercise bikes to go for a ride while you enjoy a film, and a live theater for comedy and entertainment shows!

Of course, the list doesn't end there: the entertainment center also boasts one theater that can be rented out for private parties, one theater for Broadway productions, and a completely redesigned second floor dining experience featuring meals from Italian-trained chef Wissam Itani!

Whether you're paying a visit for a movie, meal, or just a night out, there is something for everyone here. And with enhanced COVID-19 safety measures including state of the art disinfectant fog machines, you can enjoy your film safely and revel in this new addition to the up-and-coming Wesley Chapel area.

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