Adventure Park coming to St. Pete

Catapult Adventure Park coming to St. Pete 2022

Catapult Adventure Park is set to open this year at 4500 66th Street North.  This massive course allows you to swing from an array of ropes, navigate through inflatable obstacle courses, joust through an inflatable arena or run along walls! Visitors can put their strength to the test on the free climb wall and enjoy a free fall into an Air Bag below!

Here is the official attraction description from the company:

“Bounce your way around Catapult and the Launch Zone. Purr as you play in the Paw Pit. Test your meddle on the Tornado Twirl. Become a leaping legend on the Leaping Leopard Giant Airbag. Take your best friend and race down the Catapult Mega Chute, and then face off on the Cat Fight. Continue your friendly competition on the Flying Leopard and Catwalk. Climb around our Free Climb and dive into the Air Bag below. Hike all the way to the top of Mt. Catapult, and after you have conquered one of the wonders of the world; become a wonder of the world as you reach Flash-level speeds as you hug the walls around the Wall Run.”

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