875 New Jobs Coming To Pasco County

Santander Consumer USA is moving into the former Target building on SR54

Since the Target on SR54 by the Suncoast Pkwy suddenly closed. four years have gone by without anyone moving in. However. Santander Consumer USA is going to break that streak and create 875 new jobs for Pasco county.

Santander Consumer USA is investing $22 million to renovate the old retail building and finally put it to use. Their goal is to put in technical equipment and other additions to make it work for their needs. They chose Pasco county because of its employment base, cost of living, recruiting opportunities, and other incentives. The new building is set to be up and running in April of 2021.

Santander Consumer USA is a part of Santander Bank, which is one of the biggest banks in the world. They are based in Dallas, TX and they focus on providing financing to consumers for vehicles. The jobs coming to Pasco county are anticipated to be jobs in technology, customer service, and finance.

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