5 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Tips for 2023

5 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Tips for 2023

Crafting a successful fantasy football draft strategy doesn't have to be intricate. The main objective on draft day is clear: outperform your competition and assemble the strongest team possible. As we delve into the core of this fantasy football draft season, here are five essential tips to help you dominate your 2023 drafts.

  1. Embrace Simplicity on Draft Day Many draft participants arrive armed with extensive binders or an array of spreadsheets and tabs cluttering their laptops. However, this abundance of information can lead to overwhelming analysis paralysis. While thorough preparation is vital during draft preparation, it's crucial to avoid inundating yourself with excessive inputs on the actual draft day. Strike a balance by putting in the groundwork in advance and maintaining a streamlined approach for optimal decision-making during the draft.

  2. Flexibility Over Fixed Positions: Resist early-round position-locking tendencies. Instead of adhering rigidly to specific positions in certain rounds, prioritize selecting the best available players. Flexibility allows you to seize opportunities and adapt to your draft's unique dynamics.

  3. Punt RB2 Strategy: Given the rapid decline in running back value and potential injury concerns, consider waiting until mid-rounds to address your second running back slot. Embrace a punt RB2 approach, which involves focusing on wide receivers and possibly a tight end early on. This tactic bolsters your wideout roster while minimizing risk to your lineup.

  4. Value at Tight End: While elite tight ends like Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews command attention, don't overspend on them. Consider waiting until the middle rounds to target tight ends like George Kittle, Kyle Pitts, Darren Waller, and Dallas Goedert. This range offers a sweet spot of value without sacrificing production.

  5. Late-Round Quarterback Selection: In most leagues, you can afford to wait until later rounds to draft a quarterback. The difference between top-tier quarterbacks and waiver options is narrower compared to other positions. Leverage this depth by selecting quarterbacks with consistent performance potential or high upside in the later rounds.

For those in 2QB or superflex leagues, strategic quarterback selection remains crucial. Consider waiting until around the 10th quarterback is drafted before securing your starters. Prioritize higher-floor options initially, and seek upside choices in subsequent rounds.

In summary, mastering your fantasy football draft involves simplicity, flexibility, and prudent selection across positions. Employ these tactics to enhance your drafting prowess and build a winning roster.

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