4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Every business strives to promote their brand to attract as many eyes as possible. And social media is a great way to do that. However, in an attempt to stand out in these crowded networks, it’s not unusual to make some mistakes. Social media marketing can be extremely beneficial if you avoid these common marketing mistakes.

1. Spamming Your Audience

The goal of any successful marketing campaign is to grow your brand and increase your client base. However, some business owners take this as an opportunity to just post about their business and share nothing else. Even though this will still give you exposure, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The bottom line is, people will stop following you if all you talk about is your business. 

Keep your promotional activities to a minimum. Best practice says to follow a pattern of posting one promotional post for every four non-promotional posts. Non-promotional updates can be reshares, an image or photo that shows your company culture, inspirational posts, how-to guides, infographics, or blog pieces. Try to share something that brings value to your audience.

2. Inconsistent Posting

When customers are developing their impression of you, they’re looking for signs of credibility, reputation and trust. Active social media accounts show your customers that you’re a legitimate business they can trust. A photo of the business owner or a comment from a happy customer lets users know they're not taking a risk. Inactivity can have the opposite result. You may lose potential customers if you rarely or never post on social platforms about your brand, which gives the impression that no one is active in your company.

Not posting for a single day can affect your impressions and engagement rates, damaging your social media marketing efforts. And not being regular with your updates means your content can get hidden from most of your followers by the social platform algorithms. To avoid making this mistake, you should have an excellent strategy to guide your times of posting or hiring a social media expert to help out with this.

3. Failing to Engage in Conversations

It doesn’t matter how many updates you add to your social media channels if you’re not social on them. Engagement is a common KPI in social media marketing. If you don't reply to users' comments on your feed, it leaves the impression that you aren't interested in engaging in conversation with them. 

When someone replies to your post, make sure you respond – and as soon as possible. The more you respond, like, or comment back, the more your customers will want to engage. Comments on your business page provide an opportunity to increase engagement and invite more users to participate. Your follower count will grow and your engagement rate will spike when you actively participate.

4. Boring Content

You can post relevant content and still be entertaining. Social media isn’t only a mode of communication, but also a source of entertainment for many people. Therefore, being too serious all the time in your posts may be informative, but that can eventually become pretty boring for the audience.

Share inspirational posts, humor, and videos that you find relevant, in good taste, entertaining, and authentic. Remember that every field has a lot of competition, and yours is no different. When a consumer feels that your page is dull and uninspiring, they have a number of alternatives to choose from.

The Takeaway

Making your social media efforts top-notch doesn't require one specific action. To achieve your goals and build upon what you've already accomplished, it's about aligning your goals and processes. The right use of social media can help you develop your brand community, grow your customer base, and skyrocket your return on investment. The only problem is if you're still making social media marketing mistakes, all your hard work will be wasted. 

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