3 Secrets Successful Agents use

3 Secrets Successful Agents use to make sure their Businesses Thrive

The last few years may have felt like an intense roller coaster ride in the housing market. One minute, your business was cruising quickly without brakes and your hands have thrown high in the air as you earned another commission check off of selling another listing. The next minute the brakes start to fire up and you are faced with new challenges as you work to climb your way back up to earning new business.

Although the ride may sometimes feel extreme, the most successful agents are in for the long haul. Whether facing a peak or valley, they focus on making the ride smooth and worthwhile. Top agents don’t just try to survive market changes, they focus on simplifying and thriving. You may ask yourself, “What are the secrets to keeping the wheels of your business turning so you can thrive and stay on your ‘A’ game? Let’s take a look.

Secret #1: Master the fundamentals

As a veteran agent, you’ll know that the last few years is nothing new. Market changes happen and it’s nothing unexpected but if you became a licensed agent over the last few years, some of these experiences may feel a bit foreign and unfair almost. The most important thing you can do throughout market changes is to get back to the basics and focus on the fundamentals. Be sure you have proactive strategies to keep your sales cycle flowing like prospecting, lead generation, lead conversion, client services, and marketing. Thriving in today’s market doesn’t need to be complicated, it all comes down to the fundamentals and how hard you're willing to work.

Secret #2: Make your presence known

Marketing your business and your expertise may not have been a key focal point over the last few years because opportunities may have been landing in your lap and you likely had buyers coming to you for help faster than you could keep up, but it’s time to dig in and make your presence known. The typical reaction agents make during shifting, the slower market is to cut costs and reduce marketing efforts. Don’t make this mistake!

Yes, you must manage expenses, no matter what market you are in, but rather than simply cutting costs, focus on investing in the right opportunities to build brand awareness, leverage social media marketing, and make sure your community knows you are the go-to resource if they have real estate-related needs. All of your connections need to know who you are and what services you provide.

Secret #3: Embrace change and new technology

Don’t panic as you face different moments of this adrenaline-filled ride of real estate. Embrace the changes and know that with every challenge comes opportunity. Use this time to reevaluate your current technology, such as your CRM, marketing platform, social media channels, and presentation assets. Are there opportunities to update your technologies to tools that will better serve your business? Are there opportunities to consolidate your tech stack? Commit to learning more about the tools available to you and how you can leverage them in today’s market to help your business thrive.

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