Tampa Bay Rays Home Games are now $10!

The Tampa Bay Rays offer $10 a ticket for the reminder of this seasons home games!

The Tampa Bay Rays have lowered their home game ticket prices tremendously in order to fill up the stands again! For the remainging 10 home games of the 2021 season, the Rays have lowered their tickets to only $10! The best team in the AL East now has the best ticket prices in all of Major League Baseball. Crowds have been very limited this season, almost so limited as to setting a record low for attendance and we need more people in these seats fast!

The Rays have 10 consecutive home games left this season with a record of 94-59 so far. The Rays have a substantial nine game lead in the AL’s Eastern Division as well as heading to the Playoffs in October. Not to mention last season’s finish as the World Series runner-up! 

Get your tickets now and help get the Tropicana stands filled back up to support our Tampa Bay Rays!

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