10 Questions to Ask Potential Contractors

10 Questions to Ask Potential Contractors

When embarking on a remodeling project, homeowners often face overwhelming decisions. Selecting the right architect or designer and general contractor is crucial. Aside from the obvious inquiries about licenses, bonds, and insurance, here are additional questions to aid your selection:

1. How is your company structured?

Understanding the ownership and task assignments provides insight into the company's capacity, project management, and service capabilities.

2. Who will be at my house each day?

Knowing the staffing arrangement helps gauge job security, project attention, and skill levels of the individuals involved.

3. How do you handle scheduling?

Discuss the contractor's approach to scheduling staff, subcontractors, and communication of the schedule to set expectations and determine material decision timelines.

4. Who will communicate with me during the project?

Clarify how information about your project is relayed within the company and ensure it aligns with your communication needs.

5. Is my project within your usual scope?

Understanding, if your project aligns with the company's expertise and management processes, is important for successful execution.

6. Deal-breaker questions: Can I contribute to the work? Can I leave certain aspects unfinished? Can I supply my own materials?

Discuss any desired involvement in the project to ensure alignment with the contractor's policies and project completion requirements.

7. What work do you subcontract?

Learn about the contractor's use of subcontractors versus in-house staff to gauge their business operations and employee skill sets.

8. How many projects are currently in progress?

Inquire about the number of ongoing projects and if the project manager will be handling other projects simultaneously.

9. What paperwork and lien releases can I expect at the project's end?

Discuss the final documentation, including lien releases, permit sign-offs, warranty information, as-built drawings, equipment manuals, and subcontractor details.

10. Do you foresee any concerns or potential issues with our planned project?

Seek feedback on the project's feasibility, unknowns, and potential challenges, gaining valuable information for project planning and expectations.

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